Horse Racing Bets – The Each Way Angle Recommend Article

This is the best horse racing bet! This bet is my favorite. Your chances of winning at betting can soar if you have the right information about how and when to place these types of bets. This is the ultimate horse racing bet.

We’ve already covered the basics of the win single bet in the series. Now let’s focus on how to use this most valuable of horse racing bets. This isn’t an easy thing to explain to someone new to the sport. This approach must be adopted by every horse racing punter.

One of the most brilliant horse betting minds to SBOBET Agen ever grace this planet is someone I know. He and others like him use this method daily to make money horse betting.

You can place both a single or multiple bets to place an every way bet. Instead of spending your entire PS10 on one win, you can place two. Each way, you would place PS5 You now have a PS5 win single wager and a PS5 placed bet.

Place means that your horse must finish in the official places to win that race. If your horse wins and you hit the jackpot, you will receive both your stake money. Your entire stake would be lost if your horse finishes outside the official places.

If you’re a good gambler and know your game, each way betting is better than backing single winners. When betting only to win, it is easy to lose a lot of money. With experience, each bet is more likely to return. If the math is correct, the place portion of the bet could be used to protect your win stake. In one of our intermediate lessons, we will discuss this.

Conditions can affect the official place of a race, but at this moment they look like these:

Type of race/number of runners

2-4 runners / No place betting allowed
5-6 runners/ 1st and Second one-quarter of the odds
8 runners + / 1st to 3rd place odds
Handicaps 12-15 runners/ 1st and 2nd quarter odds
Handicaps 16+ runners / 1st to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter odds

It is clear that betting on each side in races with less than four horses is not allowed.

Example: A PS10 each-way bet (Totals PO20) on a horse at 4/1 who wins in a 14-runner handicap would return:

PS10(each way stake)x4(winning odds)= 40. 40/4 (1/4 place win) = 10. Your profit PS40+PS10 = Profit PS50

This is the same PS10 for horses who finished 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. This is where things get confusing. First, calculate the total win bet and divide it by your place terms. This will give you the return number for your place portion of your bet.

Each way bet – PS10 (Totals PS20). Win place loses: -PS10 (win stake loss) + 40/4 = 10. In this example, the sum of all your winnings equals your return PS0. Because your bet lost, you lose the PS10 staked on either the win or the place return side. You win PS10 with place return, and you also get your original place stake back. You lose or gain nothing by returning your PS20 stake.

As you work with the numbers, you will quickly become more familiar with them. You can then calculate your return in your head. Use one of the free online betting calculators to help you calculate your potential winnings and losses.

If you’re a skilled punter, this bet can be extremely powerful. It is used by professional punters to ‘hedge their selections’. This is used when they are betting on horses at high prices or when they feel their selection should place.

Later in this series, we will explore the deeper meanings and uses of this amazing betting strategy. This is one of the best horse racing bets you can make.