All you need to know about living near Jumeirah beach

In Dubai, there are many wonderful places to start your new life with your family. However, there are a few residencies that are an exception when it comes to comfort and opportunities. Every homeowner wants to live in an area that is family-friendly, relaxing, and offers a number of amenities and facilities. If that is what you are looking for, you can find many spots in Dubai. These include Jumeirah, La Rosa VillaNova Dubai, Beachfront etc. Among these, choosing to live near Jumeirah beaches has its own perks.

Having your own house near the beach allows you to have a stress-free everyday life. Imagine waking up to the majestic waves of the Gulf every morning, hearing the soulful sounds of the crashing water, and breathing the fresh air of the sea. Other than the soul-pleasing factors of living close to the beach, it is also safe for kids and pets. If you want to know more about living in Jumeirah, continue reading.

What are the benefits of living near Jumeirah?

–      Ideal for beach lovers

If you are the kind of person who would fancy a swim in the clear and crystal waters of the Dubai sea more often, living near Jumeirah might be a good idea. Other than swimming, you can have a fun sunbathe session with your family and friends in the warm sand of the beach daily. You can enjoy all these perks if you plan to get yourself a place in Jumeirah as it will only take you a few minutes of walking down the beach to enjoy fun activities with your loved ones. As the community sits right on the sandy coastline of Jumeirah Beach, residents can have their beach day every single day.

Moreover, Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular destinations in the UAE for outdoor water activities such as sailing, banana boat riding, windsurfing, and jet skiing. The coastline is safe for swimming as there are professional lifeguards always present who are expert in conducting rescue missions. In short, easy access to the beach is why many people prefer renting or buying villas in Jumeirah.

–      Convenient availability of amenities and facilities

If you are moving to new residents, especially in Dubai, the first thing you should consider is the proximity of basic amenities like schools, general stores, entertainment opportunities, and healthcare facilities. However, if you live in Jumeirah, this will not be any of your concern, as every facility is in close proximity to the residential area. Homeowners can enjoy their trips to the grocery store, clinics, and salons without worrying about having to commute a greater distance. Other than that, the Jumeirah Grand Mosque is another significant destination for Muslim residents living near the beautiful beach.

–      Pet friendly

Renting a place in Jumeirah is totally pet-friendly. Over here, you do not have to worry about your furry and non-furry friends here. The reason why this community is great for pets is that it boasts villas that offer generous space for backyards and front yards. Moreover, the houses are also near reliable vet clinics that is a great benefit for pet owners. Jumeirah is a community that is extremely accepting when it comes to pets, so you are most likely to find neighbours who own pets of their own.

–      A lot of fun things to do

One more advantage of living in Jumeirah is that residents always have one or another fun thing to do. On top of having the liberty to visit the beach whenever you want, you can also go and have a nice evening walk in one of the three beautiful parks in Jumeirah that are Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Open Beach, and Safa Park. One can enjoy all sorts of recreational activities in these parks with their families such as barbeques, picnics, and pool days. If you have kids, they can entertain themselves with play areas for kids.

  • Vast food options

As Jumeirah beach is one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai, there are many high-quality and reputable dining options in the area. Residents can choose from a plethora of restaurants and high-rise eateries that offer a variety of cuisines. From Arabic, Lebanese, Chinese to Korean and Italian, whatever you are craving for is available in the many eateries that line the Jumeirah coastline.

Similar to places like District One Dubai Villas for sale, the perks of living near Jumeirah are many. Therefore, if you are listing down possible places to live in Dubai, consider the villas in Jumeirah for sure.